1. Marie and Tom

    Date 22 Nov 2018
    Marie and Tom were married at Kings Weston House in Bristol in the summer of this year. The weather was scorching and football was coming home but none of that could distract  from the love of these two and how much fun they were having celebrating it.  

  2. Harper’s Bazaar Feature

    Date 20 Jul 2018
    Click the link below to view recent feature in Harper’s Bazaar Australia

  3. Laura and Max

    Date 24 May 2018

  4. Hurling 2018 St Columb Major

    Date 25 Feb 2018

  5. Thailand

    Date 20 Feb 2018

  6. Film Scans OCT17

    Date 28 Oct 2017
    A few photos from the past year taken with my Canon A1  A few photos from the past year taken with my Canon A1 

  7. Rebecca and Matthew - Nancarrow Farm

    Date 11 Oct 2017

  8. Rhys and Caz - Cardiff

    Date 10 Oct 2017

  9. Images for Boardmasters 2017 application

    Date 08 May 2017
    A selection of images for application to photograph Boardmasters 2017. A mix of film and digital work showcasing, music, surf, lifestyle, and portraiture.

  10. 35mm Negative Scans

    Date 27 Nov 2016
    Slowly working my way through rolls and rolls of 35mm film from various cameras over the past few years. Hit and miss results but always exciting not knowing what you’ve got till they’re developed. Patience is a virtue, especially in the time of the instant.   

  11. St Ives. November 2016.

    Date 27 Nov 2016
    Taking a weekend away in St. Ives. So much quieter and relaxed here out of the summer season and just as, if not more, beautiful. The light here never disappoints. 

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